Mandriva Australia supports Linux:

Three excellent Mandriva  products:mandriva_logo

* Mandriva Business Server

Hardware control and configuration software 

* Mandriva Pulse 2

Open Source IT infrastructure management software.

* Mandriva Class

A multi-platform solution for educational needs, enabling efficient creation and operation of a virtual classroom, locally or remotely.


Mageia 4.1 is an operating system for server or desktop developed by the Mageia community. A comprehensive suite of open source programs with over a thousand applications fully covers academic business and home uses. A new useful feature is is the Mageia Welcome, which leads the user through a range of initial setup options , giving a simple, instant personalisation of the distro to your needs and preferences.

Mageia 4.1 is free to download from our ftp site or Mageia's site, We will supply it on disk to those who cannot download. We support these products.

Mageia 5 alpha version is currently available for viewing and suggestions from you, the community.

More Information: Email

eScan Security Products

eScan6ProductsThe complete range of eScan security products which we are now offering are in our opinion the best available. Every device that connects to the internet, including smart phones, can be subjected to attack so eScan has covered nearly all the bases protecting nearly every device in the network. All devices can be updated from a central computer thus making installation and regular updates quite easy to administer.

Hackers will find it much more difficult in future!

We give user support for eScan.

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logo_nuance300We offer the full range of Nuance Products.

Dragon Naturally Speaking, top speech recognition software, and PDF Converter Pro are two products which meet the needs of many of our established clients.

We give user support for Nuance.

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